New Year, New Career!

December 20, Press Release: The New Year always brings about exciting new changes to our lives; We all look forward to a fresh start in January, and whether it be a new diet, a new life goal, or maybe a new exercise routine, setting a New Year’s resolution motivates us all for a positive change in our lives. Most of us have had a job that we dread day-in and day-out, but here at Experiential, we focus on creating a company atmosphere that keeps our employees looking forward to the work day! So, here’s a little bit about who we are, and what our company culture is all about. Let’s highlight our two favorite keynotes about working with us!

1) It’s all About the Culture!

At Experiential, our company culture is like no other. From loud, up-beat music in the office, to hands-on collaborative training programs, we are diversified from every other marketing company out there. We like to call it non-traditional, and we pride ourselves on that. We want you to be who you are, but we also want to make you better. We have a uniquely designed Management Training Program created to transform our employees to effective leaders. This diverse approach allows us to nurture our employees from rookies to professionally-developed team leaders.

2) You Matter!

Experiential is nothing without our people, and we value our people! We facilitate the development of individual growth, encourage the freedom to express ideas or opinions, and we want our team to feel excited to be here. We’ve created an upbeat environment to change the stigma that work is boring or a drag. Team nights, free tickets to sporting events, collaborative meetings, and sending memes in a company group chat are just a few ways that we turn coworkers into a “work-family”.

We are just a few weeks away from 2019, and we are planning some New-Year’s resolutions as well. If you are making some changes in 2019, and liked what you read here, then check us out! Follow the link to our website to apply (, or message us on any Social Media with questions you might have! Talk to you soon!

At Experiential Inc., we strive to generate newly-acquired customers into loyal regulars through community outreach and efficient customer acquisition solutions. Our community outreach strategies introduce consumers to new experiences. Our representatives are highly trained to use an incentive that encourages exciting activities; that is how we turn previously unreached audiences into our clients’ biggest fans.