Boosting Productivity

Nov 29, Press Release: It’s 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon, and everyone in the office is slumped into their wheeled office chair mindlessly typing and clicking in desperation for the day to be over. Pressure placed on employees to remain productive throughout the 8 hour work day has always hindered motivation, creativity and energy. What can managers and supervisors do to halt that afternoon crash and keep productivity high without a complete makeover of company policies?

When considering productivity, a few easy suggestions from Experiential, Inc. include:

Positive Reinforcement: Behavioral learning in the workplace is a very effective way to boost confidence, productivity and workplace morale with minimum effort. Take a few minutes each week to go out of your way to have a conversation in-person with an employee who’s doing exceptionally well, or someone you feel has been giving their best effort. Spoken extolment and showing appreciation will influence similar future behavior in your company.

Team Building: We’re all in this together. Take an initiative to put together some sort of team building exercise every quarter to keep your coworkers engaged and give them a sense of belonging. Work doesn’t have to be a drag, and taking some time to interact and make connections with each other will only lead to higher productivity and communication amongst your team. Have some fun!

Healthy Habits: The American diet could be hindering your productivity in ways you might be overlooking. Creating a healthier environment in your workplace doesn’t have to be a capital investment! Simple improvements could be providing fresh fruit in the break room, having water readily available, and even setting out hand sanitizer throughout the office could help keep your team healthy! These simple steps could boost the well being of your team and increase productivity! Also, it could even help avoiding that annoying seasonal flu!


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