Experiential Inc. Sets The Bar

Press Release 3-13-2019: At Experiential Inc., we are doing work that matters…what do we mean when we say that? We are always finding unique and exciting ways to get fans in stands; however we want to go above and beyond. Upwards of 60 events are booked so far this year in ranging hospitals and school districts in our local community. At these events, we bring HUGE savings to the hard working employees in the local area. A portion of the sales generated at the event are donated back to the hospital for charity efforts. Sean Chenard-Event Director, expressed,

I love having the opportunity to do events in my community. The sentiment and fulfillment of raising money for non-profits brings a sense of purpose to my position at EXP. It’s a win-win-win strategy because we’re helping our clients, community employees, and hosts of events, by helping everyone save money. This is what it’s all about.”

Our company culture at Experiential embraces originality. We believe in the misfit. We eschew traditional advertising in favor of campaigns that let people observe, sample, and form their own opinions. Experiential’s fresh way of operating is the reason that our partners flourish. We emphasize a rewarding career path for each motivated individual who becomes a part of our firm. Our executives are promoted based on their achievements and overall merit-not politics. This ensures that we deploy a focused and driven group of experts on every promotional initiative we manage. Our clients continue to reap the rewards of our inspiring team environment.

To learn more information about the opportunities Experiential Inc. has, check out the news room and career page on the website.