Here’s How We’re Building a Strong Company Culture

What is the true measure of company success? If you answered its culture, you would be correct. At Experiential, Inc., we put a premium on cultivating an environment that results in a productive and happy team. Alice, our President, is more than happy to share the elements that we incorporate into our supportive office:

• Open Communication: “For any company to succeed, everyone has to be willing to accept feedback,” explained Alice. “In our Experiential, Inc. HQ, we welcome everyone’s input and constructive comments, which allow us all to grow. No matter what level we’ve reached, we still have room to grow and learn from each other.”

• Networks: “No one is an island, which is why we stress building professional networks inside and out of our Experiential, Inc. office,” Alice said. “We encourage our people to collaborate with each other. In addition, we offer them chances to attend events at which they connect with others who will be key to their career advancement.”

• Volunteering: “There’s no greater way to bring a team together than to rally them around a great cause,” Alice remarked. “It’s always a great day when our people can get together and show their support for a philanthropic organization.”

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