Meet our Rockstar Administrative Professional, Liz Gilmore!

Liz is currently a senior at Youngstown State University while simultaneously working 43-45 hours a week here at Experiential Marketing as our Talent Acquisitions and HR Manager. Every day, Liz brightens up our office with her smiling face and her fantastic-smelling tart burners that she brings. In fact, due to her phenomenal personality, we actually recruited her from Starbuck’s where she had worked for three years without opportunity to advance. We wanted to take this time to appreciate her presence and show her how much we adore her.

While Liz always has a positive energy, she also is a very determined individual who is always striving to better herself and our company. Short-term, she’d like to transition into regularly conducting interviews and to train a team of successful administrative assistants to support our growing business. Long-term, Liz would like to become a better recruiter and develop into a training role where she cultivates five additional sufficient Talent Acquisitions Managers across the U.S. Also, Liz would like to move to Arizona and carry on her professional career and personal life out West.

Throughout her experience here, Liz feels that her biggest accomplishment has been gaining confidence in her current position; she has grown and developed into a strong, professional role model while gaining experience in the real business world (and succeeding in it!) She’s gained skills in taking control of conversations and decisions. While taking on different responsibilities, she’s learned how to accomplish duties through multi-tasking, problem-solving skills, and large amounts of initiative. Liz is also a skilled violinist and can quote the entirety of The Phantom of the Opera with no cues (we tested her…)

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