This Is Your Opportunity to Join an Experienced Team

It’s time to grow again at Experiential, Inc.. We’ve developed a proven marketing method that drives customer acquisitions swiftly for our partners. Thanks to our stellar reputation for getting results, our business is expanding into new regions and we’re now hiring more experts.

“Our direct marketing approach has stood the test of time,” said Linda Barton, Experiential’s Vice President. “We are currently scouting talent to better serve our expanding market.”

At Experiential, we specialize in creating outreach that introduces people to new experiences in their communities. “Our approach gives people incentives to visit sporting events, hotels, spas, restaurants, and other entertainment and business venues in their local area,” Barton said. “It’s more than just exclusive offers; our representatives are trained on how to introduce these opportunities. They know how to engage people and get them interested.”

“The candidate traits we look for are a positive attitude and a desire to learn,” Linda added. “This is a team-driven workplace. There’s a lot of training to get people onboard. The education doesn’t stop, though. We want our people to grow in their careers with us, and we want our business to expand.”

We expect to continue our growth as word of our measurable achievements continues to flow through the region. Check out our Newswire for more opportunities to join our team.